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April 30, 2019
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Acell+PRF vs. Hair Transplant
September 17, 2019
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There are many downsides to aging, and unfortunately, thinning hair is one of them. For those who have spent their life with coiffed locks framing their face, it can be somewhat daunting to watch that once beautiful hair thin in a way that makes it less than flattering. When we age, our hair follicles stop producing new hairs and our manes becomes less dense, revealing our scalps in a way that isn’t very attractive. While this can be a difficult thing to face, the good news is that there are treatments available. 

Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF), the Ultimate Blood Concentrate is one way to treat thinning hair and hair loss, this treatment is 100% natural and doesn’t require any type of modifications that could cause harm to your body. By utilizing your body’s own blood as its natural healing powers. PRF organically reverses the aging process by increasing your own collagen and stimulates hair follicles to produce hair. In order to execute this treatment, Fibrin must be accumulated from the patient’s blood, before an injection can take place. From this point, the blood is put in a centrifuge and spun down at a Low G force. The absence of anticoagulant in the PRF tubes allows for thrombin to be converted into fibrin. This spongy Fibrin matrix will keep cells more active, allowing longer, slower, constant and more durable release of growth factors, which will accelerate tissue healing and regenerating processes. 

Why PRF?

The reason why PRF is used in this age-reversing process is that it’s 100% natural and unmodified solution, resulting in what we believe to be The Ultimate Blood Concentrate. Not only does PRF contain more platelets per mcl, it also has leukocytes (WBC) and Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) in a Fibrin Scaffold which are released by way of injection, the surrounding cells multiply which then triggers the repair of the skin and regenerates the follicles for new hair growth. After your first treatment, you will need two additional sessions for optimal hair growth. 

Who is PRF for? 

It’s a non-surgical procedure used for both male and female pattern hair loss, reduction of hair of the beard or eyebrows, and metabolic causes resulting from iron deficiency and medication. A topical analgesic for comfort is used prior to injections.

Taking Hair Rejuvenation to the next level using PRF and Acell.  Acell is a cellular micro-matrix material derived from pig bladders in a Fine particulate form. While that is a hard concept for some to absorb, it can be better described as a scaffolding technology that involves stimulating the formation of new blood cells while recruiting a variety of different cell types to the injection site. The Acell is blended with the patient’s PRF and then injected into the scalp. This stimulation creates regeneration of hair, thanks to the body’s healing response that organically increases and attracts an increased blood flow that wakes up sleeping hair follicles. Not only does this process stimulate new hair growth but it also improves the quality of the hair and extends its longevity. 

Who is Acell for? 

Similar to PRF, Acell is beneficial for both men and women struggling with thinning hair or hair loss. While not every patient will have the same level of success, it’s important to share that the end product is a fine particulate that is filtered by way of stripping out all cells and muscle tissue, in hopes of avoiding an allergic reaction in humans. Each patient will be considered on an individual basis and their hair loss will be tended to depending on the severity of the problem. 

Life after Acell and PRF. Following your procedure, it is recommended that you don’t wash your hair for 6 hours after or until the following day, however; you can resume normal activities. While you may have slight tenderness in the scalp for 1-2 days, you can rest assured that this is the technology doing its job and stimulating new hair growth. Following the initial treatment, the patient is urged to come back for 2 additional treatments 6 weeks apart. Following this, a maintenance schedule of this same process each year after is recommended. In some cases, adjunct therapy may be recommended in the event that further hair growth stimulation is required. 

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